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Professional Trimmer

Professional Trimmer
Garden trimmer, line trimmers and hedge trimmers. Ours are the best hedge trimmers, ideal for jobs around the garden - regardless if your hedge is a small eye catching detail or a tall and lush masterpiece. And you will be able to work a long shift when needed A Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer will always provide you with strong performance and long lasting power in a trouble-free way.

You can be sure your Husqvarna hedge trimmer will be safe, all-round and comfortable to use. The rear handle is adjustable enabling you to cut the sides and top of your hedge and the extended cutter makes it possible to reach better. Since it’s adjustable it will also be less tiring to work with.

Working on battery power will not slow you down. Our lightweight, quiet and battery operated powered hedge trimmers will allow you to maximise your working time thanks to a new powerful battery.

Most Husqvarna hedge trimmers are equipped with an auto return stop switch. It means that when the mach…